The Immaterial Past & The Imperfect Present

“Life” is infuriating. Utterly infuriating. That tired old cliché is true. Life is indeed a bunch of ups and downs. Except the ups don’t last, and neither do the downs. It’s all transient and fickle and momentary.

All your past triumphs and tribulations, all the anguish and the exhilaration in the past – all of that ceases to matter in the “present”. All of it comes to naught … It’s only the emotions, situation and atmospherics of the “present” moment that counts towards building your overall mood and disposition in the “present” moment.

It wouldn’t matter if you scaled the top of Mount Everest (euphoria) a couple of years back, or swam from the bottom of the Mariana Trench (Resilience/Hardship) a couple of months back … All that matters is the “now” and how to keep your spirits up in the “here and now” – i.e. how to satiate the itch of the present moment, and soothe the restlessness and the angst central to the Human Condition. And how to remain “grounded” in the face of extraordinary success. And how to remain resilient and persevere in the face of extraordinary failure.

As Zen & Buddhist Philosophy often says, perhaps “equanimity” is the key. This requires a profound sense of detachment – i.e. a suspension of practically all emotion – the very emotion which makes us “Human” (arguably uniquely so). And so the problem persists. Intractable as it no doubt is. Till death does it apart.

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