The Spectator

He was a keen observer of human behavior; he could attest to its overwhelming superficiality. He would sit by his windows, and peer out into interconnected world beneath …

He would marvel at how fast these humans were scurrying around – at how self-absorbed they were in their own little bubbles. Nary a blemish on their outward profiles, they had personalized and customized it into a hagiography of themselves. He would marvel at how Man had been cast not in the image and likeness of God, but in the image and likeness of His own Self …

He would have really liked to have a sense of mystery about these people. He would have liked to speculate and wonder about them – what their likes, dislikes and motivations were; to get to know them gradually. Alas! Nothing was left to the imagination – for they had readily given him the finer details of the minutiae of their lives. They were about as interesting to him as an open-and-shut case is to a Detective. And he knew he was to these people what they were to him – just another in a teeming mass of humans pottering about their lives – sharing their everyday thoughts, and reporting their mundane happenings. He was like them, just Another Brick In The Wall …

He was vaguely aware of the out-of-sight agglomerations of other people (governments and corporations), who were peering back at him. Working behind-the-scenes, they were furiously jotting down his previous movements, analyzing his latest updates, and fine-tuning their ways of selling him stuff – stuff for which he had no use (some good-old, genuine human contact is what he could have used, but regrettably that was in very short supply) …

And yet, despite the futility and uselessness of it all, he would continue to peer into the blitzkrieg-fast networked world beneath – partly compelled by his work, partly by choice of entertainment, partly by presence and participation of his peers, and partly because there wasn’t anything in the world as endlessly vast and amusing and informative as the darn thing. Unable to take his gaze away, he would sit transfixed in a trance-like state … It was just another day of hooking his body, mind and soul to the “Internet“; sucking at its information-rich teat. And he had many more such days to look forward to. He was and will continue to be “The Spectator” – observing, absorbing and soaking it all into his ‘Big-Data’ Mind … And they lived hyper-networked ever after.

(Inspired by but doesn’t adhere to the #TerriblyTinyTales series on FB/Twitter)
[Mirror-Published on Medium.]


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