The Unforgiven

My very first short story (and first serious attempt at writing fiction) published by Bookhad as part of their Anthology project. Please do read and leave your feedback! 🙂

A shout-out to Bookhad and many thanks to them, whom you can find HERE@WordPress and HERE@Facebook.

PS: I know I haven’t updated this blog in a while – haven’t really been hit by much inspiration or time to write recently. I hope this changes soon and will be working my way into Blogging on a regular basis.


Disclaimer: This story belongs to the author. No part of this story is owned by Bookhad, in any way. No part of this story shall be copied or reproduced without written consent by the author. 

Chapter 1 – Prologue

T.V. Anchor reading the NEWS <Voice-Fade-In> … And in other local news, a tragedy unfolded yesterday in an outlying suburb of the city, where a pregnant woman was mowed down by a speeding car, after which the driver proceeded to flee the scene. Police are investigating the scene of the brutal hit-and-run, which tragically claimed the life of the woman and her unborn child. Sources say the sole witness to the accident could give only sketchy accounts of the incident, owing to being an old, homeless man of poor eyesight. Compounding the investigation is the lack of any CCTV’s in/around the scene of the crime. In light of the spate…

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